History 100

The task for this upfront was to develop a concept for the 2019 History 100 upfront. My concept was titled Connections. Each documentary is represented through one container that holds a variety of images and clips. These containers are all connected through abstract shapes, as the camera moves from one container to another. The camera move is also simplified, only moving from left to right, up and down and vice versa. The connection of shapes between frames represents the connection of History’s documentaries.

History Holiday ID

History Channel uses 20 second idents that air for 22 different holidays. The task for this upfront was to develop a concept that would become a customizable toolkit template that History could use for each holiday. Inspired by photo books and calendars, I developed a concept that stands as a metaphor for time, pinning text and images together to form moments in history.

The camera moves from top to bottom as the elements build and ease in. The vertical movement is an abstract representation of a transition through history, as well as representing the motion of a calendar flipping its pages. Emotional words are called out and are juxtaposed against imagery to add power and strength.

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